About Us

Deduity Capital Investment
About Us

A Culture of Integrity & Operator-First Philosophy

Incorporated in St. Lucia, as an International Business Corporation, Dequity Capital Management Limited is a privately held regional investment company that invests in multiple market segments including financial services, health care, real estate, business process outsourcing, and media. This portfolio had its origins in 2019.



Investment Philosophy

Our Philosophy is to search out business opportunities that others have overlooked or rejected on a risk basis and where we see hidden value or at times create new companies where we see existing problems and a solution that can be commercialized and scaled. Although some companies may not have possessed strong balance sheets or a guiding framework prior to acquisition, Kadeen established an investment philosophy and guiding principles for each of Dequity Group’s portfolio companies.

Kadeen oversees the Group’s strategic development and its future direction.

Our Philosophy

Our Key Attributes

Our Philosophy is to search out business. opportunities that others have overlooked or rejected on a risk basis


Solid return on equity


Positioned in a long-term growth industry


Entrepreneurial, competitive and hardworking management


Possessing competitive advantages (for example, brands, relationship networks, licences, etc.)


Companies who create value for it’s clients and positively impacts the economy and environment.


Possessing quality tangible assets